Abstract and original art for everyone

My art practice is rooted in acrylic and oil painting on canvas. After experimenting with many media—including photography, sculpture, and screen printing—I gravitate most often towards paint on canvas because of its boldness.

I have two major branches in my art practice: abstract compositions and fine art portraits. I am currently working on large-scale abstract acrylic works—working with bright colours and pop culture references allows me to make sense of today’s chaotic world. Contemporary art, folk art, neo-expressionism, graffiti, and Pop Art all influence my visual language.

I take inspiration from the news, social media trends, online videos, and other media when forming my compositions. By absorbing this information, I aim to create thought-provoking works that reflect societal conditions and contemporary issues; through viewing my work, I hope people can have a space to contemplate their own ideas on what is going on in our world.

I was born in Lithuania. During Lithuania’s transition from being a Soviet country to an independent one, I was surrounded by significant changes, which, in part, led me to create art as a way of understanding/interpreting everything around me. In my early twenties, I moved to the UK. I currently live on a small island off the coast of Cornwall, working as a painter decorator and an artist.


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